Anime: An Introduction

In an era where the internet provides all, from memes to college level research paper, you can’t possibly opt out anime. A still growing worldwide phenomenon, anime’s huge surge in popularity overseas began during the late 1990s. Anime’s popularity is a result of the sharing of anime-related content through websites, social media, online anime communities, … Continue reading Anime: An Introduction

Influences Behind Modern Manga

“Comics are an international language, they can cross boundaries and generations. Comics are a bridge between all cultures.” Osamu Tezuka Contemporary (modern) Japanese manga, fathered by Osamu Tezuka post-World War II, is a product with roots from both Japanese and American culture. After approximately two centuries of isolation from 1639 to 1853, Japan finally gain … Continue reading Influences Behind Modern Manga

Manga: An Introduction

Originating from Japan, manga has constantly evolved and adapted to a rapidly growing world while also maintaining its unique style. The word “manga” derived from the Chinese term 漫画 (man hua). If we break the word down, it would consist of two kanji (kanji are the ideograms in the Japanese writing system, which descended from … Continue reading Manga: An Introduction