The History of Anime: Part Two

The History of Anime: Part Two is the second part of The Origin and History of Anime: Part One. In this writing there will be mentions of significant events, innovations, works, and individuals crucial to the development of anime from the 1970s to the present-day. Note: The writing is a bit lengthy. The phrase, maturing individual serves as a perfect analogy for anime and its … Continue reading The History of Anime: Part Two

The Origin and History of Anime: Part 1

Boundaries of all forms, from geographical to cultural boundaries are nonexistent when it comes down to anime, for it is a worldwide phenomenon that has touched almost every nation across the globe. The 20th century saw both the significant beginning and the innovation of aesthetics found within current day anime amid its fast-paced development. Within a century, the anime industry has innovated, cultivated, produced, and … Continue reading The Origin and History of Anime: Part 1

Anime: An Introduction

In an era where the internet provides all, from memes to college level research paper, you can’t possibly opt out anime. A still growing worldwide phenomenon, anime’s huge surge in popularity overseas began during the late 1990s. Anime’s popularity is a result of the sharing of anime-related content through websites, social media, online anime communities, etc. in the last decades. Anime-streaming services such as Crunchyroll, … Continue reading Anime: An Introduction